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Is something missing in your life and does your job not make up for it?
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The secret to fulfilment is giving.
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And you have something valuable to give to the world.

Extraordinary life exists to support those who wish to spread personal development and start making an impact.

Our Mission is

to make quality personal development accessible for all who want it. We do this through our workshops, inspirational talks and community events, which can be brought to your school, company or non-profit through volunteers.

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Are you a professional wanting to make an impact? Join us and use your skills and knowledge purposefully to help others find meaning.

Do you want to bring positive change to your company or community? Check the section dedicated to organisations on our programs page for more information.

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Inge Lamberts, Global Business and Sustainability student at Erasmus University

"Working with Tom has taught me to keep challenging myself in order to continously develop. His energy radiates wherever he goes, which makes him the perfect coach."


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