Our Mission

We believe that everyone has the potential to live an extraordinary life. Everyone can be extraordinary in their own way, by utilising their own unique combination of talents, activities they love and impact they want to make. Our mission is founded upon these beliefs: to radically evolve society's view of work and education and create a tribe of 1 billion people that strive to live an extraordinary life.

To accomplish this, we ignite a process of self-discovery in the people we impact and enable them to challenge societal definitions of success and fulfilment and define what an extraordinary life means for them. This journey begins during an Extraordinary Life session and continues as part of our Extraordinary Life tribe.

Tom Marshall

Founder of Extraordinary Life

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How WE can help you


We believe that a fulfilling life is one where you live out your passions and dreams day-by-day. Start your journey of self-discovery and gain the confidence to release your chains and live the life you want to lead.


We believe that our education system teaches us the skills necessary to survive, but we do not learn how to truly live. To be extraordinary, we need to develop additional skills that will empower us for the rest of our lives. 

Extraordinary IMPACT

We believe that to live an extraordinary life, we must make an impact on something that we trully care about.  Going beyond mere success and leaving a legacy behind us is what leads to true fulfillment in life.

How WE have

Impacted others

"Working with Tom has taught me to keep challenging myself in order to continously develop. His energy radiates wherever he goes, which makes him the perfect coach."

- Inge Lamberts, Global Business and Sustainability student at Erasmus University

"I found Tom’s public speaking session both inspiring and entertaining. The insights I gained have helped me to increase the effectiveness of my communication in my daily job. Moreover, Tom is a great person, both professionally and personally. So I really recommend you to join his sessions!"

- Fabio Ferrari, Junior Product Manager at Trivago

"The public speaking session provided by Extraordinary Life was a very insightful session. They gave hands-on tips that I could immediately use for my presentation the next day. Their passion to share and inspire is remarkable and gives an energy boost to all participants that lasts until long after the session."

- Marenne Hoogenboom, Innovation Management graduate at Erasmus University

"I joined Extraordinary Life's Inner Beast session and all I can say is that it was a very positive and inspiring experience. Tom finds a way to combine tips on self-help with scientific research, making his session well structured and trustworthy. Being in a smaller group, made it easy to get feedback from others. This, in combination with self reflection, definitely pushed me forwards toward taking more tangible actions to keep developing myself."

- Thomas Plaatsman, Information Manager at Netherlands Red Cross

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