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Making Personal Development Accessible for Everyone
Orange Torquise Gradient

the story

Once upon a time there was a man who was unpleasantly surprised. His work lacked meaning and he felt unprepared to search for fulfilment in his life. His future looked bleak, but hope came to him in the form of personal development. He realised the importance of sharing it. Thus this man became Tom Marshall, founder of Extraordinary Life, and the mission has attracted those who seek and those who wish to share meaningful living.

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We have a team of international students and young professionals who dove into personal development as a way to overcome their challenges. Through this foundation they aim to share that which they believe makes life extraordinary.

Our Team

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As a speaker, career coach and activist, Tom believes your work should benefit you and the world. He also writes The Switch, a newsletter supporting those pursuing a meaningful life.

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​​At daytime Niek studies Business in Zurich and aims to create a new EL branch. During the later hours, he recharges with a glass of whisky, cuban cigars, poetry-slams, jam sessions and deep conversations.

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As a student of communication, Alex loves words. He wants to learn about their impact, written and spoken, in the magic of experience and in the shaping of life.