Identifying your passions

A Strategy for living

A Strategy for living

We all know that life is short, but how many of us really think about how we are spending the time we have on this planet? Through my understanding of strategy, in combination with my passion for self-development, I have realised that we all need A Strategy For Living.

4 Steps to develop your strategy 

Formulate your life goals

Allocate your time

Optimise your chosen activities

Grow and develop

Formulate your Life Goals

To get what we truly want and escape from the warmth of our comfort zones, we must first find out what we want. We must look deep into ourselves and reflect upon the things that we want from life; the feelings you want to have each day and the experiences you need to have to get those feelings. For me, I find that setting goals for myself helps me to accomplish things that I never used to think were possible.

Allocate Your time

Make deliberate decisions to choose the activities that you will devote time to, and just as importantly, choose the activities that you will not do. Cut out the activities that don’t significantly contribute to your life goals. Does watching the news contribute to my happiness? Do I really enjoy spending time with these people, or do I just hang out with them because I’ve known them for a while? Making these decisions is tough, but remember that choosing to do one thing inherently means that you have chosen not to do something else. I personally find it hugely liberating to make these conscious decisions and be in control of my own life, rather than being constantly hit by whatever happens to cross my path.

optimise your chosen activities

Now that you have chosen how to spend your time, think about how you can gain greater pleasure and success from these activities. Allow yourself to dream about your perfect experiences; ask yourself “what’s possible?” - break down your mental barriers. You could, for instance, think about how to improve that night out with friends, your productivity in your job or how to reduce the time required for household chores. Personally, I think a lot about how I can improve the time I spend with family and friends, to build more meaningful and deeper relationships.

grow and develop

You have thought about what you would need to do to optimise your activities, but you might think this is very difficult or not possible for you. That’s normal. Changing and optimising your own life is difficult and requires you to grow. I didn’t used to have the confidence to share my ideas with friends and family, let alone write this blog or set-up Extraordinary Life Sessions. Think about how you need to grow to get the most from life, whether that be learning to better connect with others, learning a new language, or becoming more self-aware.

The journey continues: continuous self-reflection

Any worthy strategy, whether for your own life or for a company, requires you to monitor its success and effectiveness. Are these goals what I really want, or are they just pre-defined by society? Am I sure that these activities are truly making me happy? Have I chosen the right areas for growth? All of these questions require continous self-reflection, to ensure you are making the right decisions.


Intelligent, happy people are those who have the mental strength and self-awareness to make the big decisions that change their lives. So empower yourself and live the extaordinary life that you’ve always wanted. Create your Strategy For Living.

I’m really interested to hear your thoughts about your strategy and the decisions that you are considering, so feel free to reach out. It would also be a pleasure to meet you at one of my Extraordinary Life Sessions.