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Are you ready to become a committee member at Extraordinary Life?

Why become a committee member?

If you are looking for something to work on outside of your studies while creating a meaningful impact around self-development, then a committee year at Extraordinary Life will be the perfect answer to that. 
Extraordinary Life is THE self-development organization of the university. But not just any organization: we’re a fast-growing, entrepreneurial organization. Nothing is set in stone, we do not follow a hierarchical structure. As a member of one of our amazing committees, you have the freedom to give it your personal touch. You get to define the success of the student association by strategising, hosting events or creating breathtaking content. 
With your fellow committee members, you will be having weekly meetups, amazing vibes and great learnings. All whilst providing meaning to the lives of the members and participants!

Why Extraordinary Life?

If you truly care about your own development, YES is the only answer!

You can develop and grow by reading books, watching TEDtalks and listening podcasts, but real personal growth happens in human connection. 

Extraordinary Life provides that. We have a community that is highly enthusiastic

about meaningful conversations and supporting each other towards personal growth!

Still unsure why Extraordinary Life is the association to be in?

Have a chat with us and we would love to tell you more! 


Our committees

Education committee

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Community committee

External relations committee


ELx (Extraordinary Life's TEDx)


Get out of your comfort zone

Marketing team


Wise Words committee

Are you ready to create the next wave of impact on campus?