Head of Education

As Head Of Education, you are in charge of the association’s product: the workshops. You create the sessions and deliver them. You do not have to create every workshop since the EL community has many talented individuals who might want to create their own sessions. However, you are responsible for ensuring a quality product. A vital aspect of building a quality workshop entails research. You should be able to find controversial, spicy and insightful content which students may have never seen before. Most importantly, the Head Of Education must be passionate about teaching knowledge. If you have a deep internal drive for helping humans improve their own lives, then you are a great candidate for this integral board position. 

I learned how to design workshops that allow students to feel engaged and change their own lives. Building meaningful connections is another skill I learned whilst growing with the EL board and executing my workshops. I have figured out the variables that allow students to open up and leave the workshops feeling like they learned something.


Henry Clark, Head of Education

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Designing impactful and inspiring workshops for students

  • Research crazy, new ideas for new sessions

  • Creating content for event workshops

  • Delivering a large number of presentations

  • Lead and coordinate the Education Committee

  • Reaching out to volunteers when they want to host their own workshop

You are someone who is :

  • Good in public speaking skills

  • Good at creating Powerpoint template designs 

  • Conducting research on controversial topics

  • Good articulation of arguments 

  • Persuasive yet subtle

  • Ability to facilitate open discussions

  • Able to think outside of the box with innovative and creative topics

  • Lots of enthusiasm for what we do!

  • Most importantly, a team player

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