Head of External Relations

As the Head of External Relations, one part of this role entails communicating with people outside of the community giving workshops on Extraordinary Life's behalf. Apart from informing them of the various formats their workshop could be in, this also means ensuring they have enough support from the Education & Marketing Committee. This role also means you communicate with any potential collaborators, either online or by attending events, and by meeting with both individuals and representatives of associations. Basically, you want to be enthusiastically spreading the word about what our mission and values are, as far and wide as possible! So far, we have been focusing on Erasmus University Rotterdam, but our goal is to spread our message even outside this university in the years to come! Are you the next candidate that is ready to take on this challenge?

I really didn’t expect to meet so many people that pushed me SO FAR on my path, this ain’t a community, it’s a goldmine. Literally every day I learn something new, because of how they’ve taught me to think! And I also didn’t expect to make that many mistakes in my communicating endeavours - a proper, hands-on psychology course on “If you fuck (blank) up, (blank) will happen”. I also didn’t expect to get so used to it - this family, I really learned to take the weekly meetings for granted. They added so much to me, the people in my family are forever going to be in the drawer in my heart called “Humans I hold very dear”.


Adriana Mockovčáková, Communications Captain

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Communication with people outside of the EL community with the aim of finding: 

    • New passive and active members 

    • Potential collaborators (for co-events, or any form of support) 

    • People who would like to host workshops with EL 

  • Finding creative, new ways to collaborate with student associations and potential collaborators​

  • Growing and expanding the association into other universities

You are someone who is :

  • Good in communication skills

  • Good in time-management skills

  • A self-starter

  • A lot of flexibility 

  • Lots of enthusiasm for what we do!

  • Most importantly, a team player

Interested to learn more about why you should be the next Head of External Relations?

If you would like to learn more about the role and Extraordinary Life itself, feel free to have a chat with us! Anytime, any day.