Join the first

Extraordinary life board

at Erasmus University

At university you work constantly towards graduating, but there is more to life than your degree. So what about the skills that actually help us get further in life? That’s where Extraordinary Life comes in. If you’re interested in making a real impact, there’s an opportunity in front of you right now.


You can be one of the few to pioneer the first Extraordinary Life Board at the EUR. In this part-time position, you will help fellow students to develop themselves beyond the regular university curriculum. You’ll design immersive learning experiences and grow a community for your team and other students at the university. You’ll create the playground for students to develop themselves in finding their passions and acquiring skills such as public speaking, goal-setting, leadership and much more.


As this will be the first Extraordinary Life Board at the university, you will possess the freedom to experiment and be an entrepreneur, in an environment without boundaries. You will work in a high impact team of motivated and proactive individuals, whilst collaborating with the many organisations our university offers. All with the support of Extraordinary Life International, a non-profit Foundation.


At Extraordinary Life we believe you are able to design your own roles based on your talents and what energises you as a person. Therefore, we challenge you to create your own position and identify which activities this includes. To simply the application process, we have listed some roles that we think a successful board can include based on how we currently work together as a team. If you identify with one of these roles, apply! If you can think of a better role, apply and convince us with your passion!


As president of the association, you’re the visionary empowering your team to succeed. You are the link between EL International and your board and other university organisations. Together with your board, you will set exciting goals for the year and support your team to make it happen.


The Event Organiser is the person that knows the frontlines of EL. As organiser, you will ensure that students can experience smooth, impactful sessions. You will set up and regulate the sessions and our other events to ensure the audience receives the highest quality that we can offer.


The secretary & Vice President is all about the team. You will be in charge of making sure everything goes right with your associates in the board. As secretary you will also take care of a variety of other vital activities such as scheduling appointments and managing files and money.


The marketing officer is the reason that our story gets told. You will be responsible for spreading the name, the stories and the experiences of the people involved with EL. You will manage the social media and you’ll reach students so they can finally find what they need to improve their lives.


As head of education, you’re the one the organisation depends on to impact people. You will design the content that Extraordinary Life teaches and you’ll have a direct and long-term influence on the personal development of the students you reach.


The tribe is where EL shines. As Tribe Facilitator, you are responsible for building and supporting a group of people that strive to improve themselves. You will organise the tribe events online and offline, and you’ll facilitate awesome experiences students will benefit from.


Who can apply for a Board position?

All currently enrolled EUR and Hogeschool Students are welcome to! Students who have just completed their studies at EUR are also welcome to apply if they graduated within the past year.

Are there specific requirements that need to be fulfilled to be accepted?

No, there are no specific requirements such as previous study, working or international experience that need to be fulfilled. However, your professional skills and experiences might be a great advantage in your desired role, therefore you should try to highlight them during your interviews. These will show what you have learnt from your previous experiences and how you would apply the skills in your Board role.

What is the Board recruitment deadline?

The deadline for applications is the Friday 30th of April, 23:59.

Applications submitted after the deadline will not be considered.

How is the Board Recruitment process?

The first selection round is based on your motivation and CV. Next. there will be two individual interviews of about an hour where some of the current Extraordinary Life members get to know your general-, and position-specific skills. Depending on the number of applications, there will be an additional round in which you work together in a group solving a problem.  

How hard it is to balance my studies with my Board-related responsibilities?

Being a Board member comes with many responsibilities and requires you to put a lot of time and dedication in, thus your role as a Board member should not be underestimated! Fortunately, the position is part-time which means we only expect you to work about 12 hours a week in this position. Finding the right balance is definitely possible and will be a great learning-opportunity for you!

As there will be a lot of freedom to evolve and adapt your ways of working and responsibilities in the team, you have a lot of autonomy to shape the role and adjust it to your personal schedule. Therefore, it’s perfectly possible to excel in both the board and your studies at the same time!

Can I apply for more than one Board position?

Yes, you can! In fact, we strongly encourage you to state your second preference. This is due to the fact that the interviewers might see you more fitted for the position of your second preference, and might therefore also consider you for the position of your second preference.


Can I apply for multiple Boards around university?

Yes, you can! We understand that there might be different boards that interest you and you don’t want to limit your chances by not applying for both. Nonetheless, we believe the time commitment for one board will be more than enough to keep you active throughout the year in balancing your board, study and student life.