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Our formulas for inspiring change
Inspirational Talks

Society’s definition of success won’t necessarily make us happy. True fulfilment comes when you live your passions and dreams day-by-day.


The first steps to that are finding your passion and realising you have the ability to change your life.

Forest Road

growth workshops

In our education we’re not usually taught how to live a life worth living. Strange, considering school should prepare us for ‘real life’. 


Below are skills you can develop to actually thrive in life, not just survive.

Outdoor Dinner

Community events

There’s more to living than riches and ‘success’. Our sense of purpose and belonging can shine, brilliantly, if we positively impact the people we care about.


Explore what kind of impact you want to make and start living your extraordinary life.

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Erasmus University Eureka Week, Ahoy Stadium, 2018


Deloitte Tax Lab, Fort Voordorp, 2018

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