Our  Sessions

Extraordinary self

We believe that a fulfilling life is one where you live out your
passions and dreams day-by-day.


A life where work is your play and where you can strive
to achieve a goal that you believe in.

The earlier we start challenging society’s definition of success, the sooner we can start living the life we want to lead and find true happiness and fulfilment.

The starting point for this is to identify your passions.

Your Inner BEAST

You have an inner beast inside you, just waiting to be unleashed. During this session, you will discover your authentic self, exploring what energises you and the talents you have. You will understand who you truly are at the core,  giving you the guidance to create the future you want for yourself.  We will then unleash our inner beasts with one another in an exciting atmosphere and select clear actions for displaying this to the world. Unleash your inner beast in your first Extraordinary Life session.

Empowering mindset

The mind-set you carry in your life either propels you forward, or holds you back. Your dreams of success and detailed plans are useless, if you don’t truly believe you deserve to achieve them. During this session you will transform your disempowering mindset into an empowering one, giving you the confidence to achieve anything you desire. You will be able to take immediate action to eliminate self-doubt, releasing your chains, ready to impact the world.

Extraordinary growth

Our schools and universities do not prepare us to unleash our inner beasts.

We simply gain broad knowledge on general subjects and then focus on a field that we think may be interesting and earn us a job that pays the bills.

In short, we learn the skills necessary for survival, not the skills necessary to thrive!


Join these sessions to learn skills from outside of the traditional education system and accelerate your personal growth.

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Dionont'forget personal effectivness essesion!!


Public speaking 

One of the biggest fears of many people is having to stand in front of an audience and give a speech. However, if you are to convince others of your ideas or to engage with others to support your passions, this is a vital skill.

We will show you the value of using emotions in public speaking and give you some tips & tricks that you can immediately use.

Most importantly, you will get the chance to practice in a safe environment and receive helpful feedback from others.

When our founder Tom Marshall started public speaking in my high school, he was very nervous to the point of shaking, even in front of his small class of 20. After a lot of practice, attending trainings and working as an ambassador at the RSM, he gave a speech at his graduation to 700 people – feel free to take a look below. If someone like him can become a confident public speaker, you certainly can. You just need to practice!

strategy for living

We all know that life is short, but how many of us really think about how we are spending the time we have on this planet? Through Tom's understanding of strategy, in combination with his passion for self-development, he realised that we all need A Strategy For Living.

To create your strategy, you will learn how to Formulate Your Life Goals, Allocate Your Time, Optimise Your Chosen Activities and find out how you need to Grow and Develop to implement it.

For a more detailed explanation of Tom's Strategy For Living framework, you can check out his blog.

Extraordinary Impact

Our new generation wants to make an impact in their lives, doing more than just accumulating personal riches and success. By positively impacting the people around us, we feel a sense of purpose and belonging. By taking action and exploring what impact you want to make, you will be able to live a trully extraordinary life.

Join these sessions and be inspired to take action to positively impact  the world around you.

passion project

We all see challenges in the world that we want to tackle, but we often feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. In a short 4-6 week timeframe, we will support you to get started on your passion project. You'll first identify the area you want to impact and then we will guide you on your journey to begin making a difference to the world that you truly care about. The largest impact starts from the smallest spark