Why Motivation is like Chocolate

Your extraordinary life begins with motivation. Or so you might think?

Motivation is fickle. Meaning it comes and goes. Most rely on motivation in some form or another. Today I’m here to tell you that’s BS. Today I’m here to talk about the alternative. When we’re down, things are not going well, or we feel stressed, we watch a short fun clip on YouTube. About cats or cute little babies. Or baby pandas. I love those. Or even better. You watch a motivational video. Where they just talk, and you listen. You get hyped up. But you do nothing. You’re not getting better. You’re just getting fired up. Temporarily. What now, if you constantly get fatigued or bummed out? Are you going to chill on YouTube the WHOLE day? Of course the answer is no. If you werent thinking that… The thing is that kind of motivation doesnt last. It is transient. It is like a candy bar. You consume it, you get energy. But five seconds later you already want more. What you need, is something more lasting. More potent. Broadly speaking there are two types of motivations. External motivations, and intrinsic ones. External ones actually speak for themselves. They are presented from OUTSIDE you. They usually come in the form of some kind of physical reward:

Candy. Money. Status. Friends. Muscles. Whatever. You get the picture. But trust me those things won’t get you jumping out of your bed each morning. Not at four am anyways. And especially not on a Monday, when it’s freezingly cold, and sloshing with rain outside. Hell, you just wanna curl up in a ball, and stay in your bed, stay inside all day. Who doesnt? Shit! Now let’s talk about the other motivational type: Intrinsic motivation. Intrinsic means something that comes from INSIDE. This type of motivation doesnt have a physical appearance. It’s abstract. It’s an idea. You cant touch it. And usually you cant see it as well. You can only see the specter of it. In your mind. In your heart. And because of the fact that it’s shapeless, it’s indestructible. It is as strong and weak as you allow your idea to be. Wield it, and you’ll be invincible. Some call it a DRIVE. A burning passion. A purpose on our planet. A reason for living. Others call it: your WHY. The reason why you exist, and do the things you do in life. Why you get up in the morning, and dont want to sleep at night. That yearning fire that blazes your path towards your dreams and goals. Setting the world alight, with your heart’s desires. In the end, we all have a slightly different naming for it. But in general we know what we’re talking about. So I’m not talking about motivation. This is something beyond it. Beyond motivation. So, when things are going bad, things arent going THAT great. Just go inside yourself. And find your fire. Find your why. Touch it. Re-lit yourself. Re-lit the moment you're in. Burn away the negative, and kindle your positive mindset. And re-lit your whole day. And if you can fire yourself up, day by day, you will blaze your own personal path to your extraordinary life.

Have a good one! Kev

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