Extraordinary Life?? Surround Yourself with Extraordinary People

Achieving an extraordinary life you might achieve solo. However, surrounding yourself with like-minded extraordinary people might be the key ingredient you’ve been missing in your life. I’ll demonstrate this with an anecdote from my travels. But first, some philosophy. Cause you know, some stories never begin at the beginning. Greek philosopher Heraclitus said, You can never step in the same river twice. From that, I say something which we know in our hearts: The same place is not the same place when we return. Now why’s that? I think it has to do with you as a person, and the persons you’re with that define your experience while traveling to a place. Let’s start with you. You are one person now. Moments later, days and weeks and months later, you’re somebody else. At least I hope you are, growing and getting better and all. If you’re not, if you’re getting worse, you’re going backwards. But even then you’re somebody else, too.

Time molds you constantly. In a weird but profound sense, you are a river. Constantly changing. Never in one place, with your body. Or with your mind. Your body and mind are in a perpetual state of change.

Now the other people. You visit place A alone. You get experience X. You visit place A again, but with people. You get experience Y. A whole other experience, if I’m still right.

Now comes the fun part. I noticed you get experience Z, when you bring different people the third time to Place A. There are endless combinations. Because there are endless you’s and endless other persons you can bring to endless places. Now let’s forget all the x and y and z and A shit, and focus everything into the big secret I promised. The trick is to be your best self, and bring your best people. To the best places. Then you’ll get the best experiences. That’s it.

I promised a tidbit of a story, if you’re still with me.

I went to Bruges in my life three times. Once when I was younger, before I was twenty. With my parents and my brother.

I have almost no memories of this visit. It was boring. The city was drab. It was cold. The streets wet. Didn’t meet interesting people. Just the classic euro city visit. Refrigerator magnet obtained. Photo’s taken. All that. However, no memories.

Second time I went on a bus with expats, on my own. Didn’t know anybody. Made new friends on the bus. Met interesting people. And the sun was out. The streets glistening, and I made a lot of interesting photos with people.

The end result? Lots of lasting memories. Why? People. I have found that an extraordinary life and the memories of it is founded on extraordinary people in your life.

Now the piece de resistance. My stuck up of way of saying: the climax.

You know, the part where Michael Bay blows up all the Decepticons. The detective explains the murder mystery. The last second of Blade Runner. The third time I went to Bruges I’ll never forget. For two reasons.

First off, I went there for the second time in a span of two months. And I figured it was going to be boring, since I’d seen it already.

But the thing is. It wasn’t.

The second reason, which is symbiotically linked to the first, are the people who were with me then. They had a whole other look on the place. Liked to visit stuff I hadnt seen before. I even went to the same stuff with them. It still was different. It felt different. Different people make places different. Extraordinary people make places extraordinary. What if your life could be filled with extraordinary places? That'd be awesome, right? How do you do that? Simple: Surround yourself with extraordinary people.

So, next time you end up traveling somewhere, you know what to do. Take people with you. And preferably, those special extraordinary ones.

The best brings out the best. In you. And the places you visit. Stay Extraordinary!


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