Friends. Poison or Nectar?

I dont have friends. I have family. For those fans of the Fast franchise this is a fabled line said by the lead Dom Toretto. It’s cheesy as hell but we love it. For those in the unknown: the lead cares deeply and fondly about family. It is the main character’s driving force, for the choices and decisions he makes. On the outside, cliché all around in this quote. But if we remove the curtain, we can see something. Something potent. Another lesson for an Extraordinary Life. First off, in a lot of psychological studies and personal development circles it is said: We are the average of our social circles. Or, even more known, we are the average of the five people around us. Aha, now think about the five people who you talk to most. Your friends, your besties, your BF, and GF, and all those. So? Are they poison that taint your well, or are they like the sweet nectar of the gods that make you blossom with energy each and every second of the day? For most, I can predict the answer. The thing is, we unconsciously make friends. We dont choose them. Which is okay. Until it’s not. We’ve all been there. People dragging you down. And this is not about cutting them loose, or ditching them. This is about new opportunities to make friends. To actively, and consciously, with your sane rational mind, bond and connect with people you really love. I believe that is the way to the core of the quote that Dom Toretto dropped on us. To the core of true connection and value. And meaning and purpose. Cuz it really is there. Value and meaning. It is there with and inside people. I truly believe that. You just have to spot the right ones. And if you do, dig deep. And you’ll find the everlasting fountain of joy that’ll keep giving throughout your Extraordinary Life. Good people. The gift that keeps giving. Kev

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