I love Spartans. They lived and stood and fought and died. Like warriors. For things they believed in. When was the last time you stood for something? Fought for something? Let alone had the intention to DIE for something? To be Extraordinary you have to question your life on a daily basis. Ask yourself the tough questions. If you just form thoughts in reaction to others their questions, if you just ask the easy questions, you wont know yourself. You wont self-express. And when you dont self-express fully, you wont be free. Spartans were free. Lived and died, in line with their beliefs. How did they know what they believed in? They asked themselves the hard questions. This culture of fighters showed me something I’d never seen before in my life. Showed the two most endearing traits I hold in the highest of esteems. Bravery and brotherhood. Which is about fighting for something you stand for, with the persons you want to fight for. If you know what you’ll fight for, if you know who you’ll fight for, you’ll know what matters. And what doesnt. And when you know the difference you can live the way you want to live. FREE. That is the Spartan way. Ahoo! Kev

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