Being Extraordinary is a Habit (PART 1)

We are what we repeatedly do. Being extraordinary then is not an act, but a habit. This quote is actually from Aristotle, the Ancient Greek philosopher. I paraphrased him, for our extraordinary purposes. He talked about excellence, we usually about being extraordinary. These traits are similar.

Most of us know, intuitively, this quote to have a source of truth. If not, to be true completely. We all have those habits that define us. Pause for a second, and think of something you have been doing for a long time. Maybe your whole life. This can be a good, or bad thing. An example might be: You have been playing a musical instrument for a long time. Think back. When you started you werent very good, maybe you were bad. But now, after all that time practicing, you might be very good. At least you’re not bad anymore. You’re better than you used to be. This is all because of that habit. The habit of constant practice. And this applies to almost anything. Things that can make your life better. Improve it. Make it extraordinary. Today we talk about one habit that influences almost all other facets and habits of the rest of our lives. I’m talking about our diet. Another quick thought experiment: Think of a time you felt bad. Really really bad. Life sucked. What did you eat back then? Chances are you ate junk. You ate food that isnt very healthy but you did it anyway to feel good. You ate comfort food because you needed comfort. But now when you think about it. The opposite of this holds significance, too. When you feel good, you eat good. You eat clean. You eat a well balanced meal. We’re not going to explore what to eat. There are many a blogposts on that on the interwebs. This is just the simple reminder that being healthy, or just healthier to keep it fundamental, starts with eating healthier.

The state of being healthier, which is in a way being more extraordinary as a human being, is a habit. Being healthy is a habit.

And with this habit a cycle begins. You feel good, you eat good. You eat good, you feel better. You feel better, who knows what you can achieve then? That’s up to you! But the trick about achieving greatness, or anything for that matter is you have to be in the state to be able to accomplish the things you want.

It’s about getting in the right state of mind. And there arent many things that can influence your life as impactfully as your diet. Be it a good, or poor one.

So next time you feel bad, and you want a cookie, dont eat the cookie. Try to go for something healthy. Break the chain. It’s time to start a new habit. Cause you know what: A new habit now. A better you in the future. And who doesnt like a better self?


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