Being Extraordinary is a Habit (PART 2)

Last week we talked about how being extraordinary is a habit. Like any skill it can be acquired. Being extraordinary is not something that’s given, it’s obtained. There are fundamental habits present in our lives, which we are aware of. Or not.

One of these habits, or in fact a necessity of life, is our diet. We have to eat. There is no denying that. But what most seem to miss is the fact that as any habit, our diet is in our control. And we can tweak it just enough to meet our desires.

The reason we talked about diet is because it is a habit that has positive consequences for other habits in our lives.

This week we talk about another powerful habit. Again, most of us already have this one.

Of course I’m talking about exercise. To grasp the importance of exercise and general bodily movement, let’s do a quick mental exercise.

The chair you’re sitting in right now, reading this article, you are not to leave it. You have to stay put. For how long? Let’s say ten minutes. How does that make you feel? Let’s say an hour. And now? Let’s say you’re not allowed to leave your chair for the whole day. You must get the picture by now.

Movement is also a necessity for us. We need it. We thrive with it. As any important facet of our lives, once we remove it, we see the significance of it.

With this simple thought experiment we know now that we need to do the opposite of sitting still. We need to move. Moving our body makes us feel good.

Action leads to emotions. Positive emotions.

A lot of successful people in the world understand the benefits of exercise. They exercise daily. They made it a habit. Once it is a habit, you dont have to think about it. You just do it.

Not moving can be a deadly silent bad habit. That’s why we have to tweak it. Just like our diets. By simply introducing small changes the momentum to start exercising can occur.

Most of us have the excuse of not having enough time, or not being able to access a gym. For those people:

You can always go for a run, do some stretching or yoga, or some push and pullups.

Try going for a run:

-Put on your running shoes. That’s the start, to signal your brain to move. Then just walk around the block. Just to get moving. Then walk for five minutes. You’ll soon feel like walking or running more. Try some light exercise: -Do five pushups a day. Try to do one more each day. You’ll reach a certain plateau, and fitness. We all have time for this, right?

Try some yoga: -Look up one yoga-pose. Do this one move. Perfect it. You’ll soon want to learn more. The key is not to get fit. The key is to start moving. The key is to kickstart the habit of moving. A habit of moving now means a fit body in the future. Standing still, over time, can mean a step backwards. Always keep moving.


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