Going the Extra Digit

Do you know the sound of an achievement that’s being celebrated? It sounds a bit like this:


That’s right; it’s the high-pitched ringing of fine glass-on-fine glass. That’s what achievement sounds like. It’s worth noting that if there’s not something real being celebrated the sound will be different. There won’t be actual champagne in the glass (or it’ll be sour!).

Monday, March 25th of 2019, was an evening for a real celebration. It marked the crossing of Extraordinary Life into a new territory: We’ve officially given more than 10,000 impactful experiences to people. With people. The counter had precariously idled on 4 digits, exactly 9999 experiences, just the evening before.

The EL team and some ambitious spirits from our tribe gathered for a Powwow, our monthly bonding and personal development event. Insightfully led by Sillian, we had a stimulating and nurturing evening together, laughing and listening, expressing and learning. And together we moved past that line. We added a digit to our impact.

Then we celebrated. We’re very grateful that we were able to do this and we’re grateful for the people we’ve achieved this with. But not for a single moment did we lose our focus. We never thought ‘we’ve done well, let’s take it easy now’. We were and are still hungry, so we asked ourselves a question that you can ask for yourself, for your team, or for your business:

What about the next digit?

What will it look like?

What can be improved; where should you add a digit? If adding a digit means taking your life from a one digit number like 7 to a two digits number: 10, what does that look like? If it means 10X’ing your impact, what does your ultimate impact look like?

For us, adding a digit to our impact means 100,000 experiences. It's a worthwhile goal to us, so we’re going to keep moving forwards. Keep your eyes on the prize, but don’t forget to also wonder:

How much is that next digit worth?

This is about why you’d ‘go the extra digit’. What will that outcome mean to you, to those in your life, to your team or your organisation? That extra-digit outcome must be worth the process it’d take to reach it. If you think it might not be, get back to the drawing table and think how you can make your goal quality grade in the two-digits: 10. Lastly;

How will you get there?

If you have a clear goal and it’s worthwhile to you, you’ll need to know how you can make it happen. You need to see where you’re at and plan. Maybe you have to up your effort from an 8 to a 10. You can always do more, though you must have concrete reasons for doing so - a.k.a. a worthy goal. Break down your goal into smaller goals. Set monthly goals that will lead up to your yearly goals. Set weekly goals that’ll lead to your monthly goals; set daily goals… you get the picture. If those smaller goals realistically lead to your bigger goals you won’t only have a clearer, more motivating plan in front of you. You’ll also have indicators you can use to measure your progress. Did you achieve the daily goal? Why, or why not? Did you achieve the weekly goal? If not, what smaller goal did you miss out on? Stay on top of it. Stay hungry for that next digit.

That being said, we have one specific suggestion for you to take your life to the next-digit level: Surround yourself with inspirational people with whom you strive for a meaningful goal. Perhaps you know some such people - they'll be fantastic to be around. Whether you do or don't know such people, Extraordinary Life is offering you a chance to get with more people like that right now.

We’re looking to take our impact to the next level, meaning 100,000 powerful, impactful experiences. For and with a tonne of people. This is a goal we’re all putting our hearts in, and working towards this is filling our hearts right back up. We’re gaining experiences, confidence and skills that can help us elevate the lives of others as well as those of our own. And we’re having an absolute blast doing it! However, we cannot reach the next level with just the six of us - so we’re looking for new members for our team.

If you desire to 10X your positive impact on the world; if you wish to work with a team that will make you feel welcome from day one, a team that will also hold you accountable for your own goals in life and that will push you and help you grow beyond what you thought possible, this might be an extraordinary opportunity for you (and for us!) To learn more, go to our Join us page (also in the navigation bar up top) or join our Recruitment Drinks.

Why join Extraordinary Life?

We feel it is absolutely critical to bring awareness to people. Work doesn’t have to be something you do only so you can afford to ‘live’ during the weekends. Work can be a sincere and meaningful part of your life you enjoy. We believe it should be.

That’s why we do what we do.

That’s why we wholeheartedly want to reach our next goal: 100,000 people impacted for the better, through our sessions, tribe events, other events and our coaching.

Thank you if you’ve come this far reading; you'll know what comes next.

Find out what you really want.

Plan for that extra digit. And...

Go for it!

(Picture from our Tribe Powwow)


Cover photo by rawpixel.com from Pexels

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