The Team

Tom Marshall - Founder & Coach

Passion: Inspiring others during Extraordinary Life sessions to become even more extraordinary versions of themselves

Why I founded EL: I wanted to help others to define and achieve their potential, thereby evolving humanity’s working lives and education systems

How EL impacted me: This organisation is my life passion and fills me with a sense of purpose and fulfilment every day

Alex de vries - writer of sorts

Passion: Spreading positive consciousness in the world through creating extraordinary educational experiences

Why I joined EL: I wanted to experience rapid personal growth that would enable me to contribute to others via Extraordinary Life

How EL impacted me: I have grown significantly and am able to share my ideas with others. It's fantastic to be part of something that you believe in and are excited by

Steffie Broere -Coach & idea generator

Passion: Motivate people to go the extra mile, whilst focusing on what they really need and want from life.

Why I joined EL: Having explored my potential through Extraordinary Life, I want to give others the opportunity to grow the same way as I have done.

How EL impacted me: EL inspired me to push my limits in a healthy and sustainable way, enabling me to achieve goals I never thought myself to be capable of - I went from not doing sports to running a full marathon in a time of 03:56:00 with six months of training, enjoying every minute of it! 

Niek van disseldorp - the Wizard

Passion: Delivering content by means of speaking and writing to empower people to discover their spark in life. Oh yeh, and also fiscal economics.

Why I joined EL: To help others fulfil their own passion, while I fulfil mine by public speaking, being an entrepreneur and delivering content.

How EL impacted me: EL shows me there is more to life than getting a degree and then a job. EL changes my life in a way that I will pursue my passion daily and live up to my dreams.

Sillian Schaller - community coordinator & thought facilitator

Passion: Fostering thought, introspection, and consideration in myself and those around me through conversation to promote societal well-being

Why I joined EL: I believe there are few things more important for a society than its people understanding themselves. I see EL as a means of having the aforementioned conversations to facilitate personal understanding among as many people as possible.

How EL impacted me: EL has and is helping me develop my personal understanding, personal goals and ambitions

Nienke Appels - Brand Builder

Passion: Branding. Sharing the story and vision of EL so we can really ignite change. And last but not least: helping others!

Why I joined EL: I truly believe in the mission of EL, as I'm super interested in self-development and living a meaningful life.

How EL impacted me: One of the talks given by Tom was actually the final push to quit my corporate job and become an entrepreneur!

Our Ambassadors

paul kunnil

Passion: To be a catalyst of positive change in the realm of storytelling and inspire people to join the EL movement.

Why I joined EL: I wish to spread inspiration and empowerment amongst like-minded people and help them build their own story.

How EL impacted me: EL provided me with a structure to achieve my passion statement and highlighted the importance of multiple perspectives in my everyday life.

jeffrey meerpoel

Passion: I am excited by brands, which I regularly share campaigns of on Twitter. I worked already for some well-known brands, but my dream is to eventually build my own brand as an entrepreneur.

Why I joined EL: I believe that everyone can live an Extraordinary Life; you just have to find your passions and discover how to live them. For me, EL is not just an organisation, it is a way of living – that’s why I’m proud to be part of it!

How EL impacted me: EL helped me prioritise my goals, so that I now know how to make my dreams come true.

Kevin Pawirotaroeno

Passion: Writing and reading about how to have an Extraordinary Life.

Why I joined EL: Tom’s passion ignited my passion: writing. And I want my passion to ignite other people’s passion. So, by paying it forward, I can help other people be even more extraordinary.  

How EL impacted me: It has surrounded me with like-minded driven people who I’m blessed to call a team. In life, you can do a lot by yourself. But with more people you can always achieve more, and eventually the extraordinary.

Cléa Barriere Lorber

Passion: Exploring the world, whilst being with people that I love.

Why I joined EL: I want to help people understand themselves and support them to achieve their dreams, thereby making a difference I am proud of.

How EL impacted me: EL provided me with a mission I believe in and an amazing opportunity to change the way my generation assesses life.